Contaminants in Black hair care and beauty

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Contaminants in Black hair care and beauty items put Black women`s, women and haircare expert’s health at threat

Black Women for Wellness released Natural Evolutions: One Hair Story, a report laying out the health risks dealt with by Black women and women due to a lack of federal oversight and regulation of hair care and beauty product manufacturers. As an outcome of the continual use of and exposure to hazardous chemicals discovered in lots of hair care and beauty products over their lifetimes, both customers and professionals face potentially destructive health effects.

The hair care and beauty items marketed to women are grossly unregulated doing not have correct screening or labeling, describes Nourbese Flint, program supervisor at Black Women for Wellness. Failing to prohibit using toxic substances in these items or a minimum of requiring that these toxic substances be divulged to customers via product labels is hazardous and harmful to women`s health.

Natural Evolutions exposes the health implications of long term direct exposure and use of beauty items, consisting of aggressive cancers, pulmonary risks and reproductive health obstacles such as infertility and enhanced threat of miscarriage. During a focus group of Black hair care specialists, a participant stated that after 20 years in the beauty market, my good friends have no finger prints.

The report calls for federal regulation of Black hair care product manufacturers, underscoring the requirement for openness and education about the health dangers for consumers and hair care experts.

We are seeing beauty specialists strained with long-term, extreme health effects from direct exposure to poisonous chemicals at work, said TeniAdewumi, program planner with Black Women for Wellness. Specialists ought to be geared up with the info and education they need to make educated choices about hair care products. If not, how can they safeguard themselves and their clients?